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 How to Purchase from the Bakugan Cyberspace Shop

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How to Purchase from the Bakugan Cyberspace Shop Empty
PostSubject: How to Purchase from the Bakugan Cyberspace Shop   How to Purchase from the Bakugan Cyberspace Shop Icon_minitimeTue Jul 09, 2013 1:13 pm

Hello there brawler! I see you have some credits in your pocket there, right? Ah-ha, yes... I see you got your eyes on that new trinket for your profile. I could spot that glint in a brawler's eye from a mile away! You've secretly wanted it since you first saw it on the list, am I right? Ah, no... you don't need to answer, I can just tell without you needing to type a single word. How about I help you with getting that thing you long for becoming that much closer to being in your profile, hm?

Now... below you'll see some fancy code that just needs you to paste in the information for that thing you just can't brawl without anymore. Next, is you need to send that code to me... Think of it as a wish and I'm your genie. Wink You offer your credits and I'll grant your desire hidden inside the stuff below.

But, what's very important is this... *whispers in your ear* No one else can know about your wish. It's superstition, you know! So, send the wish to me in a Private Message and I'll make sure it's checked over and granted. Smile You can thank me by coming back and buying... err I mean, wishing, yes wishing, for more things, okay? Great! Here's the fancy schmansy code. Wink

[u][b]Your Username:[/b][/u]
[u][b]Your Total Credit Count as of Your Purchase:[/b][/u] *This amount MUST be in your Credit display under your avatar in any post you create.*
[u][b]Your Team:[/b][/u] *If Applicable*

[u][b]Your Purchase:[/b][/u] *Simply list the things, with prices included, below, indicating Attribute if needed*

[u][b]Your Total:[/b][/u] *Add up all the things you wish to purchase*
[u][b]Your New Credit Count After Purchase is complete:[/b][/u] *Do the subtraction, I know you can ;)*
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How to Purchase from the Bakugan Cyberspace Shop
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