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 How to Sell to the Bakugan Cyberspace Shop

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Cyberspace Shopkeeper

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PostSubject: How to Sell to the Bakugan Cyberspace Shop   Sat Aug 10, 2013 3:56 pm

Fill this out and send it to Cyberspace Shopkeeper and we'll give you HALF the value of purchasing the same item.

WARNING! These limits MUST be maintained when you are selling to the shop.


-Have at least 4 Bakugan in your profile after a sale completes.

-Have at least 1 Attribute Reactor Gate Card and 2 Command Card Gate Cards in your profile after a sale completes.

-For each of the 4 Bakugan minimum in your profile, they each must have access to at least 3 Ability Cards. This can be a mix of Attribute Specific and Species Specific, but the repertoire that Bakugan has needs to consist of at least 3 Ability Cards. The repertoire cannot consist of all Attribute Specific, however.

If your sale would violate any of these rules, the Cyberspace Shopkeeper has the right to reject your sale.

[u][b]Your Username:[/b][/u]
[u][b]Your Total Credit Count as of Your Sale:[/b][/u] *This amount MUST be in your Credit display under your avatar in any post you create.*
[u][b]Your Team:[/b][/u] *If Applicable*

[u][b]Your Sale:[/b][/u] *Simply list the things, WITH PRICES CLEARLY DIVIDED BY 2 (keep the math included), below*
[u][b]Your Total:[/b][/u] *Add up all the things you wish to sell*
[u][b]Your New Credit Count After Sale is complete:[/b][/u] *Do the addition, I know you can ;)*
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How to Sell to the Bakugan Cyberspace Shop
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