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 Challenge Form

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PostSubject: Challenge Form   Challenge Form Icon_minitimeWed Jul 03, 2013 3:02 pm

Hello brawler,

Do you want to formally challenge someone publicly to try and force them to accept? Well, copy the code below and fill it out completely and post it under the "Challenge Board" forum. Once you have done that, wait and see if the person you challenged accepts your offer. You can also challenge a team to a Team Brawl as well. Fill out the form and send your challenge to brawl!



[b]Your Name:[/b]
[b]Your Team Name:[/b] *If applicable*

[b]Name of User Challenged:[/b]
[b]Name of Challenged User's Team[/b] *If applicable*

[b]Type of Brawl:[/b] *Individual or Team Brawl*
[b]Brawl Format:[/b] *Life Gauge or Best-Of-3 Brawl*
[b]Other Notes:[/b] *Place any comments of other info about the Challenge here.*
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Challenge Form
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