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 Team Registration Form

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PostSubject: Team Registration Form   Wed Jul 03, 2013 1:26 pm

Hello brawler,

Here is where you will register your team to become officially recognized inside Bakugan Cyberspace. Unless you fill out this form, you are not official and cannot compete in Team Tournaments or events. Simply copy the entirety of the code and fill in the missing parts inside a new post in the "Team Registration Board" forum. It's as simple as that. Once you are done, post it and wait for me to approve you and you'll be informed of what you can now do as an official approved team



[b]Name of Team[/b]: *What do you want to be known as through Bakugan Cyberspace*
[b]Color you'd like to be[/b]: *Give 3 colors in case the one you want is gone, Black is unavailable*
[b]Team Leader[/b]: *Who is the Leader of your Team?*
[b]Other Members of Team[/b]: *3 to 5 members total, including Leader is needed*
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Team Registration Form
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