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 Hunter Serge's Profile

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Hunter Serge
Level 1 Brawler/ Fury Fighters Team Leader
Level 1 Brawler/ Fury Fighters Team Leader
Hunter Serge

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PostSubject: Hunter Serge's Profile   Hunter Serge's Profile Icon_minitimeThu Aug 29, 2013 6:19 pm

Brawler Name: Serge Fugas
Nickname: N/A
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Personality: Serge is a friendly individual, and tends to be very forgiving of minor transgressions. He is very loyal to members of his Team, and to any other he considers a friend. He has a very strong competitive drive, and will go through many sleepless nights in preparation for a brawl with someone he considers a rival. However, Serge has a very strong sense of justice, and when someone steps over the line, regardless of who they might be, he will stop at nothing to put a stop to them and make them pay. If he fails to do so, he has a tendency to fall into a state of obsession, where he will occupy every bit of his time in attempting to take the person down, and it becomes nigh impossible to talk him down in these cases.

Serge is an analytical brawler, and due to his style of brawling, he will often fall into a state where he acts completely differently from usual, often being very condescending to his opponents. The longer a brawl goes on the farther Serge falls into this behaviour, though he will generally snap out of it immediately once a brawl concludes, and doesn't display this behaviour in the slightest when talking to his Guardian Bakugan.

Team: Fury Fighters

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Hunter Serge's Profile
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