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 Environmental Side-Effects

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PostSubject: Environmental Side-Effects   Environmental Side-Effects Icon_minitimeFri Aug 02, 2013 9:43 pm


Ancient Ruins:
"Spirits of the Past": There's spirits of ancient Bakugan and humans infesting the ruins and the land around it. These spirits emit energy that tampers with the transfer of energy between Bakugan, making Power Level transfers become halved.

Night Sky w/ Aurora:
"Mesmerizing Lights": Fighting within the lights of the Aurora, a Bakugan is restrained due to the forces behind the aurora. A Bakugan's Special Effects become useless in this arena of the morphing lights above the heads of your Bakugan as you battle.

"Close Combat": Fighting within a Canyon makes spaces and areas to dodge very sparse. With the close confines of the sheer Canyon walls, your range is very small; you don't have time to dodge fast attacks, making Agility Assaults impossible to recalculate.

Cliffside Pond:
"Oasis Effect": This fertile landscape, surrounded by cliffs, makes all energy become focused at the base. Inside this fertile environment, energy is invisible to the eye but can easily be absorbed by Bakugan during Power Level transfers. All Power Level transfers are boosted by an additional 100 points.

Crystal Cavern:
"Healing Light": Inside this cavern, the light radiated from the crystals helps protect Bakugan from having their energy Levels being drained. A Bakugan's energy cannot be decreased by Ability Cards inside this arena. The power level decrease to the opponent from transfers and "Decrease the opponent's Power Level by..." Effects are excluded from Card effects.

Dark Mountain:
"Visibility": Fighting at night on the rough side of a mountain is hazardous, for one misstep can make you slide down the rocky face. Agility Assaults are too risky to be performed here.

"Dehydration": All humans and Bakugan need water to survive in the Desert. Exerting more action than necessary will dwindle your Power. Each round the brawl goes into, every Bakugan becomes weaker by 50 points of Power Level starting with the second round. Also, the shifting sands make your stance and footing in defending loose and soft, making Resistance Safeguards half as powerful.

Doom Dimension:
"Negative Energy": The Doom Dimension is filled with Negative Energy; harmful energy. All Bakugan fighting here have their energy level further decreased by 50 points of Power Level per turn. Every time a brawler makes a move, an extra 50 points of Power Level are lost to the endless vacuum of energy in the Doom Dimension.

Fire Tempest:
"Convection": Inside this environment of swarming wind and heat, Bakugan cannot control their speed as easily, making the Bakugan hold back on the speed they use in attacking. All boosts of Evasiveness are halved. If a boost of 1 is used, this number is not halved. All other values are rounded down to the next whole number.

"Limited Mobility": Within the trees of the forest, you cannot move quickly and must become cautious. Agility Assault and Resistance Safeguard Power Level boosts or decreases are halved here, due to the dangerousness of using too much power in attacking and failing to dodge the trees that surround you, or the lack of ability to see an attack's origin with enough time to block.

Forest at Night:
"Limited Visibility": Flying at night, when sight is nearly disabled entirely, causes you to play more on the defensive and be on guard. One point of every Evasiveness boost you receive is transferred to a Defense boost of 0.1 instead. Resistance Safeguards are also more powerful by 1.5 times.

"Moist Soil and Undergrowth": Amid the many trees and dense brush, the soil is wet and hard to maneuver in. This makes moving around difficult and hiding becoming very easy. Agility Assaults are practically useless in the jungle and Resistance Safeguards become 1.5x as powerful.

Magma Field:
"Molten Surface": With the ground being super-heated and dense with igneous rock, Gate Cards are useless here. All Gate Cards that are set become nullified once opened.

Misty Forest:
"Fog": Inside the mist and fog, Bakugan can become disoriented very easily.  Some Bakugan have claimed of seeing illusions and mirages inside the fog, bringing them to waste their energy in attacking the false Bakugan they thought they saw. Every time you use an Ability Card that changes a stat on the opponent in any form, flip a coin. If it lands on A, the ability is successful and affects the opponent. If it lands on B, the part of the effect that impacts the opponent results in hitting a mirage and becomes negated.

Pyrus/Darkus Dimension:
"Darkfire": In the Pyrus/Darkus Dimension, Bakugan of all types find it difficult to navigate, even when flying. Lightning strikes in the sky at random and the ground shifts from tectonic activity and lava pools can be mere inches under your feet. The environment is truly inhospitable to even Pyrus and Darkus Types, making all Attribure Specific Cards impossible to activate in this terrain.

Steam Filled Arena:
"Sauna": Steam has been used to relax and heal the body for humans of many ages. Bakugan feel the same effects as well. Fighting in an arena with healing effects makes the Bakugan's healing factor become quickened. Any decrease to a Bakugan's Power Level is recovered by 100 points a turn.

Under the Sun:
"Blinding Sun": Under the  sun, at the highest point in the sky, everything is very easy to see clearly. Targeting an enemy Bakugan becomes easier and Agility Assaults become twice as powerful.

Sunny Plain With Formations:
"Ricochet": In this open area with pillars of rock, using these formations to your advantage can make agility work to your advantage, increasing all Evasiveness boosts you receive by 2 points. Also, Resistance Safeguards become half as powerful from the rapid direction and movement of the foe from the formations.

"Deep Breath": Battling underwater is difficult for all species. Aquos may be adept at being underwater, but all Bakugan need air. For every turn the round continues beyond 3 full turns after both brawlers stand their first Bakugan, every Bakugan in play receives a 50 point decrease in Power Level.

Volcano Rim:
"Volcanic Eruption": Battling on the rim of an active volcano? How crazy can you be? If you are brawling here, treading lightly is required unless you want to be swimming in lava. If any round goes beyond 4 turns, every Bakugan in play receives a 300 point decrease in Power Level from a volcanic eruption that will burn your Bakugan severely.

Water Surface:
"Sea Storm": Fighting on the surface of an ocean can leave Bakugan susceptible to large waves that can form from a storm that rolls in. If the brawl goes beyond 4 turns, Agility Assaults and Resistance Safeguards become impossible to activate.
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Environmental Side-Effects
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