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 Condensed Brawling Handbook

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PostSubject: Condensed Brawling Handbook   Condensed Brawling Handbook Icon_minitimeThu Jul 04, 2013 7:52 pm

Hello brawler,

You must be reading this because it will soon be your first time stepping into an arena. Let me be the first to say best of luck and keep your wits about you as you brawl. Think of every possible scenario and leave as little as you can at risk.

There are many things you should know when constructing your profile, and brawling in the Arenas. This is going to be a condensed (and shorter) substitute to a "Brawling Handbook". So please, read it all.

1. The first thing you must do, as a new brawler in Bakugan Cyberspace, is to make a Brawling Profile.  See this topic for the form to fill out for your profile. [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

For your beginner profile, you will have restrictions. Those restrictions can be found under each section in the form linked to above.

If you simply fill in the code found in the topic that is given in the link above, and paste it in the “Profile Database” forum, you will be all set to go. Wait for your profile to be approved and locked and you will then be cleared to brawl.

2. In order to begin brawling in an official Bakugan Cyberspace match, you must first file an official Battle Appointment. You can do this by filling out the correct code and post it under the Challenge Board. The BakuSystem will process your Appointment and reply to the Challenge Topic indicating what Arena you are assigned to. Once the BakuSystem has booted up the Brawl and posted all necessary dialogue, "BEGIN!" will be your indication to begin your brawl. Good luck and have fun!

3. In many card descriptions there will be the words, brawl, match, round, battle, ect. These words can become confusing and can unintentionally cause you to break the rules, which can make your brawl incomplete and become potentially deleted! To avoid the confusion, this is how to keep these words straight

Brawl = Game = Match = Multiple Rounds = One Brawler's Life Gauge drops to 0 or a Brawler wins 2 of 3 rounds
Battle = 1 Round

"Bakugan" also includes Bakugan AND Traps.
"Bakugan" does NOT include Battle Gear or BakuNano.

I hope that makes a bit more sense. If you are still unclear, feel free to pause a brawl and post in the "Q & A" section of the forum for a clarification to an ability description. or simply ask me of the Moderators for a clarification.

4. When an additional Bakugan is thrown into a battle, NOT ALL stats are combined. The Power Levels of both Bakugan are combined at full force, unless an ability effect says otherwise. The Defense, Evasion or Energy Level (if applicable) are NOT combined, unless an Ability description says otherwise.

5. Battle Gear AND BakuNano equipped to a Bakugan at the same time is NOT allowed. Additionally, Battle Gear AND BakuNano can NOT be deployed during the same round of Battle by a single player. Only ONE each of Bakugan Trap and Battle Gear/BakuNano is allowed to be thrown into Battle at a time, per Brawler, without a card effect initializing it. Under NO circumstances is one Brawler allowed to have more than one Battle Gear or BakuNano in play at a time (i.e. Maxus Formations, which are not released at the current moment).

6. Evasion has a point in the stats. Once per round, the Bakugan with the highest Evasion, BUT has a tied or lower Power Level than the opponent, is allowed to drop their Evasion to match the opponent's current Evasion level, in order to boost their Bakugan's Power Level total by 50 points per point of Evasion lost at in order to meet the opponent's Evasion. For example.

Dragonoid's current Evasion: 10
Dragonoid's current Power Level: 700


Hydranoid's current Evasion: 6
Hydranoid's current Power Level: 800

Dragonoid has the lowest Power Level BUT has the higher Evasion. This allows Dragonoid to lower his Evasion by 4 points to make his new Evasion be 6, to match Hydranoid's current Evasion value. He lost 4 points of Evasion. For each point, he gains 50 points of Power Level. 4 X 50 points = 200 points.

Dragonoid gains 200 points of Power Level.

The new stats sit as follows...

Dragonoid's current Evasion: 6
Dragonoid's current Power Level: 900


Hydranoid's current Evasion: 6
Hydranoid's current Power Level: 800

The lead now flipped, you see. It can be a handy maneuver to make your Power Level boost to lessen or neutralize an advantage your opponent has. It can be used to lessen the gap, meet OR exceed the opponent's Power Level. This maneuver is called an Agility Assault.

Note: Evasion DOES recalculate if Evasion difference changes in the opponent's (Agility Assault activator) turn. Keep the difference in mind when it was activated, and change that level as you continue to activate abilities. The Agility Assault only recalculates during the turn immediately after an Agility Assault is activated.

For example, in the turn directly following Dragonoid's Agility Assault activation, Hydranoid activates an Ability Card that lessens the gap (that was a value of 4 at the Agility Assault activation). This is what happens...

Prior to recalculation.

Old Agility Assault Evasion Value: 4 --> 200 Points of Power Level boost

Dragonoid's current Evasion: 6
Dragonoid's current Power Level: 900


Hydranoid's current Evasion: 6
Hydranoid's current Power Level: 800

Hydranoid increases his Evasion by 2 points.

4 (old Evasiveness value) - 2 (Hydranoid's change to the Evasion) = 2

Points Dragonoid gained before activation: 200 points

Points Hydranoid managed to remove from Dragonoid due to recalculating: 100

200 - 100 = 100

Dragonoid should only have kept 100 of the 200 he gained. So he now loses 100 points.

Dragonoid's new Evasion: 6
Dragonoid's new Power Level: 900 - 100 = 800


Hydranoid's new Evasion: 8
Hydranoid's new Power Level: 800

This recalculating applies to anything activated by your Bakugan in the turn after your opponent uses an Agility Assault, or anything activated prior to your opponent's Agility Assault. The same recalculating would apply if you were to negate an Ability Card that was activated by your opponent prior to your opponent using the Agility Assault, even if you negate that Ability Card after the one turn allotted to recalculate. Any Ability Cards that do not change any values granted to the Bakugan before or in the turn immediately following the Agility Assault does NOT recalculate the Agility Assault.

7. At the end of each round, when a Brawler is behind and willing to accept damage or both brawlers are out of moves, it is time to calculate the damage to the Life Gauge. This calculation uses the Defense stat of the losing Bakugan. This calculation does need to be done even for “Best 2-out-of-3” brawls as well. The amount of damage dealt will go towards evolving the given Bakugan (see below for more details on evolution). This damage MUST be calculated, unless told otherwise. An example of the calculation is shown below.

Hydranoid 1200 Vs. Dragonoid 600
Dragonoid’s Defense  = 1.4 points.

600 points / 1.4 points = 428.57 = 430 points of damage dealt to the Life Gauge of Dragonoid’s owner

You can see that the difference in Power Level totals of the two Bakugan was divided by the losing Bakugan’s defense. That is all you need to do. You can also see that the total was rounded to the nearest tenth place or nearest total ending in 0. That helps give nice even numbers ending in zero. If your Life Gauge ends in anything other than a 0, you forgot to round. Wink

8. There are limits as to how many Abilities that a Brawler may use in a round of a Brawl. Each Brawler may use 5 Ability Cards, 2 Bakugan Trap Ability Cards, and up to 3 Battle Gear Ability Cards (unless your Battle Gear card is negated).

NOTE: You must have your Class I Battle Gear Ability Card active in order to use your Class II Battle Gear Ability Card, or if your Energy Meter of your Bakugan is boosted by another means.

Class I Battle Gear Ability (gives +100 Energy Meter after use)  =  needs 0 Energy Meter to activate
Class II Battle Gear Ability (gives +100 Energy Meter after use)   =  needs 100 Energy Meter to activate
Class III Battle Gear Ability  =  needs 200 Energy Meter

There are ways you can increase the Energy Meter of your Battle Gear. Some Battle Gear, Gate Cards and normal Abilities raise the Energy Meter. If you have a Class I Battle Gear Ability active, you can then activate a Class II Battle Gear Ability, on a SEPARATE turn. If your Class I Battle Gear Ability is negated, and you have no other way to boost your Energy Meter, you cannot use your Class II Battle Gear Ability. Keep all this in mind.  

BakuNano gives a boost to your stats, but doesn't have Ability Cards to go with it. The BakuNano amplifies the Base Power Level your Bakugan has. See the BakuNano stats for these boosts. If you use a BakuNano, increasing your Bakugan’s Base Power Level is the best way to make your BakuNano more powerful.

9. Mechanical Bakugan can be determined by seeing “Energy Level” in that Bakugan’s Stats. Energy Level is the “Battery” power for the massive mechanical beast. The advantage mechanical Bakugan have in Bakugan Brawling is that, unless that Battery is 100% drained to 0, that Bakugan has no limits to the amount of abilities it can use and can go outside the 5 Ability cards per round limitation. At the current moment, Mechanical Bakugan are unable to be used.

10. Many times, an Ability or Gate Card will prevent future activations of Ability cards. This is true EXCEPT for an ability that would negate the Ability Card or Gate Card that is putting the restriction upon you. If you have no ability that does so, you cannot use abilities further.

Also, if a Gate Card is unopened, it CANNOT be nullified until it has been opened UNLESS an Ability Card says otherwise.

11. As you can see, there are levels needed to obtain a higher Brawler ranking. The leveling outline is as follows

Level 1 = 0 wins
Level 2 = 3 additional wins
Level 3 = 7 additional wins
Level 4 = 15 additional wins
Level 5 = 25 additional wins

Once you reach Level 5, you will have access to everything the site has to offer. Once someone reaches Level 5, I will then be deeming brawlers worthy to claim higher titles than “Level 5 Brawler” by my own discretion.

12. Over time, a Bakugan will gain battle experience and be primed to evolve. This process will be tracked by how much damage the Bakugan does to the opponent in battle. The amount of Life Gauge damage (or Battle Damage) a Bakugan would inflict is added up across all official brawls and once it reaches a given level, it will evolve into a more powerful form, should the Brawler be at a given level as well, since both brawler and Baugan need to get stronger in order for an evolution to trigger. The breakdown for when a Bakugan should evolve is …

1st Evolution NEEDS the Brawler to be Level 3 or higher with 10,000 points of total Battle Damage dealt
2nd Evolution NEEDS the Brawler to be Level 4 or higher with 15,000 additional points of total Battle Damage dealt
3rd Evolution NEEDS the Brawler to be Level 5 or higher with 25,000 additional points of total Battle Damage dealt

13. With the number of Ability Card negation cards that exist right now, there are a few things I need to say about them. If an ability is used to negate a card that negated an ability, the ability originally negated is reactivated. For example...

Player A has a Darkus Bakugan and uses Darkus Haze. (+300 points for the Player A's Darkus type PL, -100 points for Player B's PL)

Player B uses Arctic Submerge on his Aquos Bakugan to negate Darkus Haze.

Player A uses Gloaming Nightfall on his Darkus Bakugan to negate Arctic Submerge.
-This activation of Gloaming Nightfall will negate Arctic Submerge. Arctic Sumbmerge originally negated Darkus Haze. Since Arctic Submerge becomes inactive, Darkus Haze is allowed to be "reactivated" and the +300 for Player A's Darkus Bakugan and -100 for Player B's Bakugan becomes effective again automatically.

This string of Abilities negating other negation Abilities is known as a Negation Chain. They can get confusing so please be careful. Stopping a brawl to be sure the math is done right might be needed in more complicated instances. Please be careful! Negation Chains may be revoked if the math errors become too numerous.

14. BakuNano has an added effect that on a certain turn after the BakuNano was equipped, a Special Effect is automatically activated, without question. There are 3, 6 and 9 turn Special Effects for the BakuNano's. The turn count is counted like this...

Player A launches the BakuNano.
Player B makes a move.
Player A makes a move (Turn Count: 1).
Player B makes a move.
Player A makes a move (Turn Count: 2)
Player B makes a move.
Player A makes a move (Turn Count: 3)
-On this turn, Player A must automatically activate the Turn 3 Special Effect.

It is also good to note that the effects do not layer on top of each other, they are either an ongoing effect, or a one time change. Once Turn 6 arrives, Turn 3's ongoing effects do not matter. The exception would be for any Environmental Change that is not surpassed by the following effect.

15. You can use up to 3 things in a turn. Any combination of Abilities, Gate Card Activation, Battle Gear Launch, Battle Gear Ability Card Activation, Trap Bakugan Launch, Trap Bakugan Ability Card activation, Resistance Safeguard or Agility Assault. Any more than 3 and you are making an illegal move.

Note: The initial throw of your first Bakugan in a round is considered a move.

16. Each player can only "pass" 3 times per brawl, that includes ALL rounds. Make these count if you need them. A chain of 2 passes (or one pass per brawler, in the case of 3-way or larger brawls) can be used before a round ends.

17. Gate Cards, once negated, cannot be reactivated, even if the ability that nullified that Gate Card, is negated. This is an exception to Negation chains.

18. Each Bakugan may only use one Special Shot per throw, even if the Bakugan has enough Special Shot points to perform both.

19. Gates cards CANNOT be used in the last turn of a battle. The opponent must have at least ONE Normal Ability Card (Not trap or Battle Gear) left before you use your Gate Card. The ONLY exception to this is Reactors.

20. Each round will have a damage multiplier. Each additional round, the damage done to your Bakugan will get worse.

Round 1 has a 1X multiplier.
Round 2 has a 1X multiplier.
Round 3 has a 1.5X multiplier.
Round 4 + has a 2X multiplier.

This means that the difference dealt to the Life Gauge (or would be, if a 2/3 brawl) is multiplied by this multiplier. For example.

Round 4:
Difference in Power Level: 300
Defense of Losing Bakugan: 1.4

300/1.4 = 214.28 --> 210

Round Multiplier= 2X

210 * 2 = 420 damage dealt to the Life Gauge.

With the leveling that has been done, we have found that the damage increments are very small, so this multiplier is needed for Life Gauge Brawls ONLY. 2/3 brawls are done as normal.

Note: The Evolution points are counted BEFORE the Multiplier. In the above example, the winning Bakugan would have received 210 EP's NOT the 420.

21. All Attribute Specific Ability Cards count for <3.0> to Mechanical Bakugan Energy Levels. *May change in the future*

22. The Evasion and Defense of a Bakugan have no limit.

23. Resistance Safeguard: This is a new way to make Defense play a larger role in battle. Alike to Agility Assaults, Resistance Safeguard likewise changes the Power Levels due to differences in stats to the opponent. If your opponent's Defense is lower than your Defense, you can lower your own Defense by however many points necessary to meet the opponent's Defense, able to lower the opponent's Power Level by 100 points for each 0.1 points of defense you have higher than the opponent's Defense. However, this can only be used if your Power Level is less than or equal to the opponent's Power Level.

For Example,

Power Level: 300
Defense: 1.4
Evasion: 6


Power Level: 500
Defense: 1.1
Evasion: 9

The brawler using Wilda can activate a Resistance Safeguard, to weaken Ingram's Power Level. Like so...

Difference in Power Levels: 200
Difference in Defense: 0.3

0.3 / 0.1 = 3 (3 intervals of 0.1)

3 x 100 = 300 reduction to Ingram's Power Level.

Power Level: 300
Defense: 1.4 - 0.3 = 1.1
Evasion: 6


Power Level: 500 - 300 = 200
Defense: 1.1
Evasion: 9

Again, only one of these can be used during a round of play, like Agility Assaults. Also, one brawler cannot use an Agility Assault AND Resistance Safeguard in the same round of play. Resistance Safeguards can be used to weaken or turn the tables of battle, by buffering itself against any incoming damage from battle. This can also be recalculated in the turn after use as well, just like Agility Assaults.

24. Cyborg Bakugan is the fusion of a Mechanical system integrated with living tissue of a Bakugan. Cyborg Bakugan can talk like any other and, like Mechanical Bakugan, possess the Energy Level stat. This means they are limited to the power they exert during battle. Like Mechanicals, beyond Level 3, they can break free of the 5 Ability Cards per round limit, so long as they have the Energy Level required to use them.

However, the twist for Cyborg Bakugan are that in using Attribute Specific Abilities they don't have a cost. This however, makes them restricted to the limit of Ability Cards for the round that all Organic Bakugan are restricted to. If they use an Attribute Specific Card, they are restricted to the Limits for Organics. If they use only Mechanical Abilities, they are reliant upon the Energy Level remaining in the "battery".

25. ALL users MUST post the stats of ALL Bakugan in play and CONDENSE the stats of Bakugan added to battle through Special Effects or Rapid/Gravity Cards.

Also, ALL users MUST do the math out for effects. I will not tolerate the "I do it in my head" excuse. Justify your power or you do not deserve the win.

Additionally, POST THE CARD EFFECTS, not just the name. Make it simple so that even if you are an 8 year old or younger, you can understand. There are Guests that view this site constantly. If one of those is a young kid, and they can't understand the simple things of the site, and know nothing of the site, they will turn away if everyone isn't thorough. It's a simple cut and paste from your profile, which I'm sure most of you have open while you brawl anyway.

If a user does not meet everything I have said above, the brawl will not be checked until the stats are posted or the one who does not post the stats will be deemed the loser due to a lack of compliance to site rules. The moderators and I are NOT to check a brawl if you are not thorough. An occasional simple math error or lack of calculation is okay, but not a majority of your posts. Make this easy on the moderators and I, as well as your opponent, to make sure there isn't a simple math error which we all make. I've found a lot of simple math errors that have caused the moderators and myself to go back and edit every post after the mistake and it is a waste of our time. I know mistakes happen, but ones that come from not being thorough are quite numerous. This rule will cut back on those errors and save time and make things more streamlined.

26. With the most recent Reboot here on Bakugan Cyberspace, a new option has been added; the "Stat Sacrifice". When it comes to BakuNano or Bakugan Special Effects, they can become very difficult to combat. The "Stat Sacrifice" will allow any user to sacrifice 5 points of either Evasion or 0.3 points of Defense to remove an opponent's BakuNano or Bakugan's Special Effect for the remainder of the round. In addition, if an opponent uses a Stat Sacrifice, you may use the alternate (if Evasion is used by that opponent, you choose Defense and vice versa) Stat Sacrifice to make their Stat Sacrifice null and reactivate your Special Effect. You do not gain back what you lost from the Stat Sacrifice cost regardless of the result.

So, that is all for now. This list may be updated as new things arise that can be confusing or should be cleared up, so check back often!

Happy Brawling!

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Condensed Brawling Handbook
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