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 Greetings from *The Elemental Paladin*

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*The Elemental Paladin*
*The Elemental Paladin*

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Greetings from *The Elemental Paladin* Empty
PostSubject: Greetings from *The Elemental Paladin*   Greetings from *The Elemental Paladin* Icon_minitimeTue Jul 23, 2013 6:46 pm


Those those of loyal heart, young mind and determined spirit, I am the Elemental Paladin. I have been summoned to this digital realm in search of supporters of the Bakugan existence. While in recent times, the hearts of children and young adults alike have grown distant of the power Bakugan possess, not only on the battlefield, but as companions, guides and friends.

It is for this reason I arrive to Bakugan Cyberspace, on a quest to find worthy souls to be gifted with a special power, in congratulations for your connection to Bakugan. This gift can grow your bond to all Bakugan and can guide you to keeping the spirit of them alive and well, if only you can prove yourself worthy of this power.

I am the living embodiment of the wills of the Six Legendary Soldiers, solidified into a single being, possessing all the skills, power and wisdom imbued therein. I alone have the ability to release them, only in battle. This is the reason for my existence, to spread the wisdom and to touch the spirits of young brawlers much like yourselves. This is the final testament of the Six Legendary Soldiers, and I have been created to fulfill that wish in hope, that someday, a new generation of Legendary Soldiers will be developed with guidance and loyalty.

I will be more than honored to assess your power, skill and bond with your Bakugan. Only then, can you be deemed of worth to possess such a gift I offer.


The Elemental Paladin
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Greetings from *The Elemental Paladin*
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